Five Christmas Tree Safety Tips – And Recycling Bonus!

Tis the season for us to bring in our fresh Christmas trees from the outdoors. Often people placed their Christmas tree in front of a large window at the front of their home. Others may place their tree somewhere as a focal point in their living room or entry area. Here are 5 safety tips.

  1. Buying the freshest tree on the lot is import. Buying a tree that is not still wrapped will expose its needles to the air, hence the drying process begins. We recommend purchasing a tree that is still wrapped tight in its shipping netting.
  2. Placing your tree in front of a window that receives direct sunlight can prematurely dry out the tree. It’s important not to assume that your spouse or partner is going to place water at the tree base daily. Take upon yourself to check the water level each day.
  3. Placing your tree under or near a heating register can also prematurely dry out the tree. If you notice excessive needle loss on the floor under the tree this is an early indicator that the tree is drying out.
  4. Utilizing a timer to ensure that the lights are turned off each night will also prevent the lights from drying out your Christmas tree and keep your family safe!
  5. Smoke detectors are fantastic early warning device and it is important at this time of year the batteries be tested to ensure functionality.

After Christmas Recycling Plan. Three Easy Steps To Remember.

After Christmas it is important to have a recycling plan in place. Let’s face it, many of the gifts we will receive will come with useless packaging. Much of it can be recycled. Things such as cardboard, plastics . Even the wrapping paper itself can be turned into recycled goods. One of the larger items on your recycling list this year should be your Christmas tree. Keep in mind most Christmas trees that have flocking can not be recycled do to the chemicals used in the process. Most cities will have a Christmas tree pickup sometime within the first week of the new year. If you’re not sure if your city plans to recycle those trees find a location that does. The trees will be shredded and used as compost, wood chips and ground cover.
Here your three steps to a successful Christmas recycling plan.

  1. Plan ahead for Christmas tree recycling . Call your local waste management company.
  2. Bag recyclables separately. Paper, cardboard and plastics.
  3. Plastic shopping bags can also be recycled or reused within the home.

So have a prosperous and recyclable new year!
Recycling saves  landfill  space and Christmas trees can take up a tremendous amount of space. Do your part this year and recycle everything that you can.