Garbage Disposal, Dishwasher and Refrigerator Maintenance Tips

Garbage Disposal and Dishwasher Tips!


This appliance maintenance tip is for the dishwasher and garbage disposal here’s where a lot of people get into trouble. Take a look at this picture. You will notice a high concentration of mold in the cabinet. Many of us keep a lot of products under the kitchen sink. We hardly ever get on our hands and knees and inspect this area. It’s important that twice a year you remove everything from under the sink run your faucets, garbage disposal and your dishwasher. What we are looking for are water leaks. Failure to identify any ongoing leak can lead to mold and mildew. Look for signs of corrosion around the garbage disposal. This will sometimes manifest itself as corrosion like blisters. If you find evidence of leaks around the garbage disposal it’s time for replacement. A simple dishwasher maintenance tip is to use CLR, according to the manufacturer’s instructions to clean any calcium build up in the appliance.

Refrigerator Maintenance Tip!

Our first maintenance tip is the refrigerator. We sometimes take this great appliance for granted. It does its job pretty much without any help at all.  What we fail to realize that the refrigerator at times literally holds hundreds of dollars in food. The most important maintenance tip I can give you is to vacuum the refrigerator coil. These are located in a few different places. The most common location is at the bottom of the refrigerator the second location as to the rear of the refrigerator. If yours is at the bottom front, you simply need to remove the base grill, place your brush attachment on your vacuum and clean away. If you’re condenser coil is that the rear of your refrigerator you’ll need to slide the refrigerator out of its location and get behind it. Then proceed to vacuum the coil clean. While you have the refrigerator out it’s a good time to check for any loose or leaking connections pertaining to your icemaker water line. Now your coils are clean the refrigerator will run much more efficiently and last you a lot longer


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