How Much for a Roof Inspection?

How Much for a Roof Inspection? We are in  late October and San Antonio has started get it’s share of rain. If you’ve waited till now to have your roof inspected, understand inspection costs have gone up, along with repair cost. If you’re already experiencing water leaks in your home there is probably no real reason for an  inspection, it’s time to call a local roofing contractor and get it fixed. Don’t waste anymore time! The longer you wait, the the higher the likelihood  for moisture related damages such as mold & mildew,  insulation and drywall damage.

Let’s Say You Need a Roof Inspection.
There are a couple different types of roof inspections one can get. A visual inspection or a water test inspection. We will discuss them both in this article.

A visual roof inspection:
Is exactly that.  A trained Professional will visually inspect the roof  for proper installation techniques. The fee for a visual inspection normally runs from $100 – $299, depending on the size and type of roof system. A visual assessment of the shingles or roofing material will be made and determine its expected service life of the roof.  The roofing flashing and valleys will also be investigated to determine if proper installation techniques were met and the likelihood of possible roof leaks. The Roof Inspector should at this point be able to make recommendations for the roofing system. Whether it need a general  roof tuneup, sectional replacement or complete replacement. We do not recommend that roofing contractors be consulted when it comes to roof inspections. There is a conflict of interest and money is to be made by the contractor. Seek the advice of an independent home inspector with an extensive background in roof  inspections. A license roofing contractor should only be consulted after the determination for repairs have been made. Be sure to get three estimates and check the status of the contractor’s license with the California State Contractor’s License Board.

The Water Test or Leak down Test:
This test is considerably more involved and therefore the fee for the test is usually more expensive. The fee for this type of inspection usually runs, $169 two as much as $299, depending on the size and style of roof system.
In my professional opinion this is the most thorough way to determine if  the roof is leaking in a given area. This type of inspection usually requires two inspectors to be present one to direct the water from a garden hose to a specific area of the roof while the other inspector watches for leaks in the attic area. This is done around all critical areas of the roof and a report is generated from the findings. This information can then be given to a roofing contractor in order for bids to be obtained.

We do not advocate that these type of tests or evaluations be done by the homeowner. Working from a roof can be dangerous! A fall from a roof can be critical or fatal. So for less than $300 you can get a full evaluation of your roof system and know how long it will  last and how much it’ll cost to repair. The roof is a very important part of a complete home system.  As such, it will require maintenance and repairs to last and keep you dry!