Infrared Technology Home Inspections

At David home inspection  services we use the  “FLIR i7 Camera”  Short for Forward-looking Infrared.  Our FLIR i7 camera starts where other home inspectors leave off. While other  home inspectors are looking at the walls we are looking inside them. We have  been able to identify hundreds of thousands of dollars in defects and deficiencies over the years using this technology. Everything from roof and plumbing leaks to missing insulation. This technology also allows us to see how energy efficient  the housing envelope is. This technology is not required by any home inspection  Association. However we understand that our demanding clients want the best.  That means real testing and results with every inspection. It’s true not  everyone can afford to hire a qualified home inspector that utilizes this technology however those that do, are glad they did. Call us today to book your next home inspection. Let us show you what other inspectors are missing!