Radiation Radon And Your Countertops

Radiation Radon And Your kitchen Counter Top. OK So you ask what’s he talking about. We often complete radiation checks on granite counter tops in kitchens and food prep areas. For the most part reading are lower than one would find in most background radiation readings. However yesterday we took a reading on a granite counter top that was 15 times higher than I have ever seen in 12 years. Radon is “a cancer-causing natural radioactive gas that you can’t see, smell or taste. As the popularity of granite counter tops has grown in the last 15 years. The demand for low price granite has cause an influx of low quality slabs with highly dangerous leves of radioactive stone to tun up around the US. Read More Here… CBS News Countertop Health Threat.

Some professionals in the granite industry will tell you that the levels of radiation found in all granite surfaces are to low to be of any concern.

As a home inspector my job is to tell you what levels are present and let you decide what to do with the granite.

Granite emitting 10.3 millirem per hour of radiation