Top Tips On Choosing A Home Inspector

When a house is bought or sold in San Antonio, a home inspection is a common practice. This alerts both homeowners and buyers to the condition of the property in question. When you are in need of a home inspection in California, you should only choose those Home Inspectors who have achieved a Master Home Inspector certification. This guarantees experience in all building practices.

The average fee for a home inspection is between $275-$500, but the information received from an inspector is priceless. The number of home inspectors in California is staggering to say the least. There are home inspectors  that offer a lower price, but you must beware of their credentials, and their business ethics. You can find the top home inspectors in California on Master Inspectors  Certification Boards website. Click Here:  They will be ranked by City.

Keep the following questions on hand when talking to Home Inspectors.
The best inspectors will have a similar answer:

  • Do you inspect Pool and Spas yourself?
  • A. Yes I do. I will report on the safety and general construction of the pool and its equipment
  • Q. How long have you operated a  home inspection business?
  • A. 6 years or more.
  • Q. How many home inspections do you do each year?
  • A. 600  per year average
  • Q. What qualifications do you possess?
  •  A. I’m A Master Home inspector, Engineer, Contractor, Builder
  • Q. How long does it take for you to inspect a home?
  • A. As long as it takes to document the homes condition.
  • Q. Can I come along with you on the inspection?
  •  A. I would love for you to be there.
  • Q. Do you check for carbon monoxide leaks?
  •  A. Yes! We only use the TIF8500A leak detector for your families safety.
  • Q. Do you use the IDEAL 61-165 ARC fault tester  during a typical home inspection?
  • A. Yes we do.  It is the only way to properly test the homes electrical safety devices?
  • Q. Can you provide references of inspections you have done in the past?
  • A. Yes a list can be sent right now.
  • Q. Do you have a valid business license?
  • A. Yes I do and I will bring it with me on the day of inspection.

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Something You Should Know

The state of California does not require a license for home inspectors, so it is important that the home inspector you hire be a master home inspector and not just a member of a club or an association. The California Trade practice act (Chapter 338) was enacted in 1996. The law in California prohibits unethical home inspection practices, including repairing properties that home inspectors have inspected in the previous 12 months. The law encourages courts to consider the Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics of ASHI and the California Real Estate Inspection Association. We abide by a set of standards of practices and code of ethics that require professionalism and attention to detail. Our home and property inspections exceed all National Home Inspection Associations Clubs and organizations.