Warning About Home Inspectors in the San Antonio Area

The past few years has created an army of price shoppers. Everyone is looking for the best deal for a local home inspection and sometimes overlook quality. It’s true, home inspectors are becoming a dime a dozen in San Antonio area, and this has driven the cost of a home inspections down dramatically. Recently, I took the time to call all of the local competition and see where they stand on similar home inspections. I believe as a business owner you need to know what your competition is doing in order to stay on top. After calling ten inspection companies I could not verify the credentials of seven of them. I could not locate any online reviews of these companies.  If the home inspector is not a board certified master home inspector. They are nothing more than members of clubs and organizations. These inspectors pay a monthly fee in order to use the Association logos on their websites. Warning! Some inspectors only copy and paste these logos to their  website to fool the consumer.

Don’t be victimized by recommendations promising to save you money on the home inspection. A cheap inspection is compensation for lack of experience. Only a certified master home inspector can save you thousands by identifying the homes defects and deficiencies.

Let’s face it, if you’re looking for a professional home inspector you’re not going to find it for $200

Step 1. Checked their credentials. Most of them cannot be verified.

Step 2. Check for a valid business license. None on file with the city.

Step 3.  Ask them how they became certified. Being a member of a club or organization does not make you certified, it only makes you a member. While some clubs and organizations do offer certifications for its members. It is important to understand which members have completed the process.

Step 4. Use caution when receiving low-cost referrals for a basic home inspection. You would be surprised just how basic it is.

Our Main Goal As Home Inspectors Is To Make The Buyer An Informed Buyer. We Hope Our Findings Help You Understand The Value And Importance Of A Professional Home Inspection.