Why Do Nail Heads Pop On A Roof / Shingles


There have been several inspectors reporting nails popping on asphalt roof system these days. Take a look at the pictures above. You can see just below one shingle a nail that is working it’s way back out.

Is this the work of aliens working to conspire against home sellers? Or is it something more sinister?

Not really it’s just old fashion science.The wood will swell if given enough moisture in the air or under the shingles and it will swell around the nail head. The sun comes up and rapidly heats the nail head drying out the moisture around it. This can dislodge the nail and causing it to become loose in the nail hole. As the sun heat the roof shingles it expands in thickness sometimes vary rapidly. This will cause the loosened nail to rise slightly. This proses is repeated many many times. Giving you nail pops! Now you know

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