Are All Solid Core Doors Fire Doors?

SOLID-WOOD DOOR between Dwelling and the Attached Garage Section 302.4 of the 1998 CBC provides an exception to the one-hour separation requirement between Group R, Divisions 2.1, 2.2, 2.2.1 and 3 and Group U occupancies as follows: The separation may be limited to the installation of materials approved for one-hour fire-resistive construction on the garage […]

Infrared Technology Home Inspections

At David home inspection  services we use the  “FLIR i7 Camera”  Short for Forward-looking Infrared.  Our FLIR i7 camera starts where other home inspectors leave off. While other  home inspectors are looking at the walls we are looking inside them. We have  been able to identify hundreds of thousands of dollars in defects and deficiencies over the years using this […]

Federal Pacific Panel Hazards

Federal Pacific Electric Stab-Lok(FPE Stab-Lok®) panels were in wide use from 1960 until the mid-80s. These electrical panels have a well-documented failure rate. While FPE Stab-Lok®circuit breaker panels may still deliver electricity to branch circuits, their failures are normally limited to the circuit break failing to function during an overload condition. These electrical panels have also been known […]